Setup and Thawing - Thursday 3/18

Serving - Friday 3/18

Jeri and Doris wrapping plasticware.
Frozen pollock fillets
Frozen fish out of the box.
Fish thawing in the sink.
Toppy and Candy preparing coleslaw.
Cindy and Todd thawing fish.
Ron and many other helped thaw the fish.
Our fish leader, Pat Damler, checking (or more likely double checking) her list.
Tim working on his signage.
Supplies at the ready.
Cornbread mix
The "Thaw Crew" hard at work.
Pat provided a little energy and incentive for the crew.
Finally...thawed fish.
Jean preparing the cornbread.
Alan and "Fish King" Wayne.
One of Tim's great signs.
Dennis and Jerry
Lots of desserts for our customers.
Lots of desserts for our customers.
Yummy cornbread
Jean and Linda
Fish in the fryer.
Order forms at the ready.
Wilma and Kim on the serving line.
Volunteers grabbing a quick bite before we open.
We're open for business.
Carol and Kate greet our first customer.
Customers lined up down the street.
Janet expediting on the serving line, with Wilma, Jeannie, Cathy and Maureen
Kim, Wilma and Jeannie working on the serving line.
Marci delivering to a happy customer.
Kim serving fish.
Wilma serving beans.
Jeannie serving coleslaw.
Cathy serving cornbread and Maureen waiting to bag the container.
Customers keep coming.
Mike and Linda were our cashiers.
Dave returning and empty tray to the friers.
Pat delivering to a customer.
Ian and Suzanne's son Jacob helping, along with April.
Suzanne directing traffic.
Pete delivering beans to the serving line.
Dan waiting for containers to deliver.
Val doing one of the less glamorous tasks.
Pat delivers our 100th order.
Debbie makes a new friend.
Mike in his element.
A special customer, Keley Jacobson, I-I Divsion 26 Lt. Governor and member of the Charleston Kiwanis Club.
Serving the Children of the World
TCHS Teachers Grant Program
Member' s Area