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6/8/19 - Tuscola Team Takes the Trophy


 The Tuscola Kiwanis Golf Team of Pete Buckley, Bill Thurn, Russ Brown and Jeff Martin won the first annual Division 27 Golden K golf tournament.  Congratulations guys!




6/23/17 - Drive 4UR Community


On Monday, June 12th's meeting Deon Chester announced Ford's 2017 Drive 4UR Community programs.  For each family taking a test drive $20 is donated to SAM Food Pantry up to a maximum of $6,000.  See the flyer for complete details, by clicking HERE.


6/17/17 - Document Shred and Electronics Recycling




7/29 & 7/30 - Kiwanis Garage Sale


The Tuscola Kiwanis Club is having it's bi-annual garage sale Friday, July 29th through Saturday July 30th. 


You can bring donated items to the sale to be sold starting Wednesday, July 27th at noon until 7:00 pm and on Thursday, July 28th from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm. 


The garage sale will be open to the public on Friday, June 29th from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm and on Saturday, July 30th from 8:00 am until 2:30 pm.


Volunteers, if you would like to verify your sign-up time, please check HERE.  If you would like to sign up for a empty slot please contact Janet Butler.




6/16/16 - Relay for Life


Carly McCrory advised that 25 test drives, based on Ford approving the submitted paperwork, were attributed to the Tuscola Kiwanis Relay for Life Team, raising $500.00 for the American Cancer Society.



10/20/14 - Perfect Attendance


Thirty-one Kiwanians were recognized for perfect attendance as follows:

1 Year:      

Tammy Baer

Elaine Bryant

Pete Buckley

Jack Corum

Sharon Corum

Jerry Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds


2 Years:

Bill Bauer

Carol Beals

Maribeth Opperman

Tom Sturgis


3 Years:

Lorraine Best

Pat Damler


4 Years:

Kathryn McCumber

Toppy Mooday

Donna Motley

Doris Young


5 Years:

Debbie Graber

Kim Higgins

6 Years:

Jeannine Fortney

Jerry Leonard


7 Years:

Sherrie Hoel

Tim Hoel

Candy Hudson


8 Years:

David Butler

Jim Wood


9 Years:

Janet Butler


10 Years:

Mike Damler


11 Years:

Carol Burwash


13 Years:

Betty Leonard


28 Years:

Wayne Ward





1/17/14 - Our President


Our Club President, Pat Damler, was the winner in Artco's production of "Murder:  Take  Two" an interactive murder mystery dinner on Saturday, January 17th.  Pat successfully deduced the murderer.


Pictured left to right are  Rachel Zoralee Fisher, Pat Damler and Richard J. Jones Jr.





3/11/13 - Fish Fry Signup Sheets


The Fish Fry is coming soon.  Our "Fish Queen" has prepared signup sheets for those wanting to help setup the day before and those wanting to help on the day. 


     The Ever-Popular Fish Thaw is on Thursday, March 21 at 5pm

     The Fish Fry itself is on Friday, March 22 starting at 3:30


Click Here (in PDF) for the current sign-up sheet


Please let Pat know if you can fill a spot or if you need to make any other changes.





1/21/13 - Pancake Breakfast Signup Sheets


The pancake breakfast is coming soon.  Our "Pancake Prince" has prepared signup sheets for those wanting to help setup the day before and those wanting to help on the day. 


     Pancake Setup on Friday, February 8th:  Click Here, in PDF format.


     Pancake Day Signup on Saturday, February 9th:  Click Here, in PDF format.


Please let Gary know if you can fill a spot.




12/18/12 - New Issue of the Illeiowan


The new issue of the Illeiowan is available here, in PDF format.



12/17/12 - Christmas Meeting


Congratulations Kiwanains!  We raised $860 for the SAM Food Pantry at our Christmas party meeting!



7/19/12 - Our Very Own Toppy Moody Wins $10,000


Our very Toppy was the grand prize winner in the Artco/Womans Club car raffle.  Toppy chose to take here winnings in cash.  Kathryn McCumber and Dee Lenzi of the Tuscola Womans Club presented Toppy with her check on July 19th at the First Federal Bank of Tuscola.


Kathyrn McCumber, Toppy Mooday and Dee Lenzi




Also presenting were Kim Higgins of Artco and Janet Butler of the Tuscola Womans Club.


Kim Higgins, Janet Butler, Kathyrn McCumber, Toppy Mooday and Dee Lenzi




4/15/12 - Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation 60th Anniversary Celebration


To order your coin, click here for the order form and mail in the completed form and payment to the I-I District office today!



The Spastics Paralysis Research Foundation was organized in 1952. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial grants to top level medical and scientific researchers specializing in spastic paralysis and other diseases of the central nervous system. Grant recipients are located in proximity to the I-I District. They make application to the Foundation for financial support of a project, the application is reviewed by the Medical Director, Dr. William Greenough and the Foundation officers. Typical grants are then pledged for $20,000 a year over a 3 to5 year period. Each researcher provides annual written reports on the progress of their research to the Medical Director. Grants are given to the researcher, not the institution, with direction that the funds are not to be applied to the administrative costs of the institution, but specifically to the cost of the project. The annual grant budget for the Foundation is about $300,000 annually. The foundation has its own Board, made up of the I-I District Officers and 3 Lt. Governors, in addition to three of the medical researchers.  The I-I District Circle K and Key Club Governors are also honorary members of the Foundation Board.


What is Spastic Paralysis?

Spastic Paralysis is not necessarily a disease itself, but a symptom of various diseases or medical conditions of the central nervous system that cause spasticity (stiff or rigid muscles that interfere with walking, movement, or speech). Research has included diseases such as brain tumors, spina bifida, Alzheimer, genetic causes of mental retardation such as fragile x syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, stroke rehabilitation, neonatal care and developmental disabilities of prematurely born infants. Other research has been purely scientific in the development of medical equipment and techniques used to study the nervous system.


The Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation is a charitable organization as defined under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code, so contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.


4/4/12 - East Prairie BUG List for Third Grading Quarter


B.U.G. (Bringing Up Grades) is a Tuscola Kiwanis program that gives students attending East Prairie Middle School a goal of improving their grades. East Prairie and Tuscola Kiwanis work together to support this program. The following students are being recognized as B.U.G. winners for improving their grades from the second nine-week grading period to third nine-week grading period.


Fifth Grade:  Sabrina Alcorn, J.D. Barrett, Desmond Burgess, Allison Clark, Bailey Good, Dalton Grover, Faith Hardwick, Turner Hastings, Mikayla Helmuth, Emily Kemp, Sara Kremitzki,  Caitlin Lewis, Benito Mendoza, Emmalee Phillips, Haley Reifsteck, Gage Rexroad, Blake Schultz, Lucas Sluder, Anthany Smith, Anna Spillman


Sixth Grade:  Kiera Bialke, Madison Corum, Jacob Craddock, Ethan Durbin, Colter Lewis, Kevin Miller, Chris Otto, Gemini Pettry, Kollier Wallace, Kyle Zimmer


Seventh Grade:  Will Bosch, Austin Edwards, Zane Gream, Josiah Lemay, Chase Robinson, Cassidy Westjohn, McKayla Zorn


Eighth Grade:  Courtney Brewer, Brooke Hennis, Sydney Mills, Kayla Otto, Jessica Ramirez



3/15/2012 - Honolulu Kiwanis Club Newsletter

We recently received a copy of the Honolulu Kiwanis Club's March 14th newsletter.  It includes photos from a recent interclub visit by the Butlers and the Hoels.  Click HERE to see the newsletter.


2/1/12 - East Prairie BUG List for Second Grading Quarter


B.U.G. (Bringing Up Grades) is a Tuscola Kiwanis program that gives students attending East Prairie Middle School a goal of improving their grades. East Prairie and Tuscola Kiwanis work together to support this program. The following students are being recognized as B.U.G. winners for improving their grades from the first nine-week grading period to second nine-week grading period.


Fifth Grade:  J.D. Barrett, Lucas Burnett, Bailey Good, Gabriella Gunther, Joseph Jones, Caitlin Lewis, Michael Ludwig', Bradly Mast, Halie Pfeiffer, Emily Rahn, Miguel Ramirez, Emily Ray, Whitney Root, Blake Schultz, Bethany Snyder, Brayden VonLanken, Derek Wilson, Jayson Zorn


Sixth Grade:  Kyle Dehart, Tyler' Keown, Bradley Kramer, Tyler Meinhold, Kaylee Rexroad-Campbell, Cassie Russo, Mark Sanchez, Jacob Shirley, Kollier Wallace


Seventh Grade:  Analise Beck, Sophia Christy, Kaiya Clodfelder, Bailey' Durbin, Austin Edwards, Mattison Froese, Colin Gilles, Logan Hale, Emma Henderson, Jakob Jones, Cordale Kerns, Makayla Kingrey, Haleigh Knight, Rachel Mannen, Chase Robinson, Andy Salmon, Bridget Spillman, Logan Stenger, Zane Tabb, Baylee Tackitt, Brock Tackitt, Ashley Thomas, Noah Vincent


Eighth Grade:  Courtney Brewer, Jesus Garcia, Mercedes Heacock,. Ethan Hearnley, Samantha Hutcherson, Strader Jones, Mariah Lemay, Karissa  Langellier, Halle McCrory, Andrea Murphy, Jordan Ochs, Kayla Otto, Brandon Reifsteck, James Ross, Katherine Rund, Mikhala Sumption-Brown, Brianne Voyles


1/23/2012 - Welcome Our Newest Member!

Welcome our newest member, Maribeth Opperman.  She is the wife of member Dennis Opperman and was inducted at the Monday, January 23rd meeting.


11/13/2011 - New Criteria for Distinguished Club Status

Kiwanis International has revised the criteria for becoming a distinguished club.  Please see the new criteria  HERE.


9/19/2011 - Peanut Days 2011

Kiwanis Peanut Days this year will be on Friday, September 30th and Satruday, October 1st.  The sign up sheet is located HERE.


7/17/2011 - District: Illinois-E. Iowa - Submitted by: District Office

I-I District Governor-Elect Mel Peterson has passed away following a series of heart attacks suffered while traveling in Europe.  Following his attendance at the Kiwanis International Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, Mel and wife Betty traveled by rail to Berlin, Germany to visit family members there.  While in Berlin, Mel was admitted to the hospital where he was treated for heart related issues.  Mel passed away on Saturday, July 16th with Betty at his side.

Funeral arrangements will be made upon Betty’s arrival back in the United States later this week.  Please visit for additional information in the days to come.

Our prayers are with Betty and the family during this time.

4/13/11 - East Prairie BUG List for Third Grading Quarter


B.U.G. (Bring Up Grades) is a Tuscola Kiwanis program that gives students attending East Prairie School a goal of improving their grades.  East Prairie School and the Tuscola Kiwanis Club work together to support this program.  The following students are being recognized as B.U.G. winners for improving their grades from the 2010/2011 2nd nine-week grading period to the 2010/2011 3rd nine-week grading period:  


Fifth Grade: Connor Baer*, Kiera Bialke, Olivia Chester, Caitlyn Dellorso*, Dalton Hoel, Hunter Hutcherson, Tyler Keown, Bradley Kramer,  Kameryn Kresin, Julian Liffick, William Penne, Gemini Pettry * , Miah Phillips, Matthew Reese, Jesse Sanchez, Cale Sementi, Mason Sequoya, Machenzie Stewart, Caleb Stuemeier, Kollier Wallace, Courtney Wood 


Sixth Grade: Payton Derra, Maddy Goodmann, Emma Henderson, Kelly Kennedy, Peyton Kresin, Josiah Lemay, Clio Means, Prem Patel, Landan Stone, Kaleb William


Seventh Grade: Ezekial Brickey, Madison Cleland*, Anna Kauffman, Zachary McCallister*, Jackson Mooney*, Dalton Neal, Kayla Otto*, Dalton Price*, Lexi Sluder*, Mikhala Sumption-Brown, Sabrina Turner*, Anna Watson, Brandon West 


Eighth Grade: Tyler Adkisson *, Kacee Bailey, Tiffany Blankenship, Gunnar Campbell, Griffin Day, Cole Evans, Noah Gingerich, Cody Lewis, Dalani Little, Allyson Mast, Maria Meyer, Kajal Patel, Eric Ponder, Christian Ray, Bridget Smith, Noura Sutton, Amber Tabeling, Clayton Turner, Madison VanSickle, Jarrett Wallace, Ryan Williams, SiSi Yokley

 *Denotes second-time recipient 

2/7/11 - TCHS Drama Club Fundraiser


The Tuscola Community High School Drama Club is having a fundraiser in conjuntion with Monical's Pizza.  If you dine at Monical's on Tuesday, February 8th and present this COUPON, 20% of your bill will benefit the TCHS Drama Club.





1/31/11 - East Prairie BUG List for Second Grading Quarter


The new BUG list is out for East Prairie School.  Seventy students made the list this quarter!  Contratulations and Good Work all! 


You can see the complete list here:  2nd Quarter Bug List.



11/16/10 - Jeannine Fortney


The Tuscola Chamber of Commerce recently selected our very own Jeannine Fortney as Volunteer of the Year for 2010.  Jeannine was presented a plaque by Chamber President (and Kiwanian) Kara Kinney at the annual Chamber Thanksgiving luncheon at the Tuscola Community Building.  Congratulations Jeannine!























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