These are the upcoming club events that are in need of volunteers. 
Please take a look at the services needed and help if you can.


Ag Safety Day


The event takes place October 27th at the Otto Center in Arthur.  Volunteers lead 5th grade student groups, accompanied by at least one teacher, from station to station. The Kiwanis volunteer keeps track of time, letting the presenter know when it is time for the group to move on. Coffee, sweet snacks and a catered lunch are provided at no cost.


Kiwanis Kids Day


The upcoming Kiwanis Kids Day (formerly Peanut Day) will be held on Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th.  This is one of our biggest fundraisers.  Please help if you can.   If you don't want to stand you can sign up for either the IGA or Sav Mor locations.  (Sav Mor will provide chairs, but you need to bring your own for IGA).

Serving the Children of the World
EP & TCHS Teachers Grant Program
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