Tuscola Kiwanis Club
K-Kids Wiener Roast
September 28, 2021
Tim preparing the fire.
The K-Kids arrive.
The fire is ready.
The kids start "cooking" their hot dogs.
The kids start "cooking" their hot dogs.
Jeannie helping one of the kids.
Glen preparing buns for the kids.
Glen helps dismount some hot dogs.
A group effort.
Picking their chips and condiments.
Jeannie taking a hot dog off the stick.
Wayne served the drinks.
2 girls,5 hot dogs
Jeannie and Glen helping the kids.
One girl with a lot of hot dogs.
Time to eat!
Time for Smore's.
Time for Smore's.
Jeannie doles out the chocoilate for Smore's
Pat assembling a Smore's
Pat, Pat and Jeannie assembling Smore's
Working off hot dogs and Smore's


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