October 5

October 12

October 19

October 26

I-I District Lt. Governor Dan Sebok came by to perform the officer and director installations.
Dennis congratulating our waitress Jennifer on her birthday.
Dennis talked about his year as club president.
Dan Sebok retiring Dorris Young as a Club Director.
Dan Sebok retiring Dennis Opperman as Club President
Dan Sebok and continuing Club Secretary Janet Butler.
Dan Sebok and continuing Club Treasurer Candy Hudson.
Dan Sebok installing Elaine Bryant as a Club Director.
Dan Sebok installing Tim Hoel as Club Vice President.
Dan Sebok installing Carol Burwash as Club President Elect.
Dan Sebok installing Tammy Baer as Club President.
Dennis pinning Tammy with her Club President pin.
Tammy takes over the meeting.

No Meeting Held

Happy Birthday Jack!
Wilma introducing her guest speaker, Betsy Stuerke.
Betsy Stuerke presented a program about her trip to England and Wales.
New volunteer "Lunch Lady" Jeannie Craddock and Pat Damler
Tammy Baer challenged the club with Halloween trivia.
Guess who?
Guess who?









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