Tuscola Kiwanis Club
Homecoming Pancake Breakfast
September 25, 2021


5:21am, The Morning of
Tables and Chairs were in place from the night before.
Jerry, Pete and Sharon opening the syrup.
Debbie and Toppy getting coffee ready.
Jack setting out the syrup.
Ready for Mike & Linda
Tim and his pancake "gun"
Pete checking the instructions
Kim setting out placemats.
Our custom placemat.
Pete, Jack and Sharon settting the tables.
Pete mixing pancake batter.
Carol, waking up.
Val and Dave Morgna
Wilma, Jean and Janet
Debbie, Pete, Wayne Dave and Jerry
Orange drink and coffee
Kiwanians grabbing a bite before we open.
Kiwanians grabbing a bite before we open.
Kim and Dennis
Jerry and Wayne (Dave in the background)
Pete and Dennis
Carol, the birthday girl.
Carol, Elaine and Janet on the serving line.
Cathy and Ron
Darla and Debbie
Carol H. and Carol M.
Before Pete
After Pete
Jerry doing quality control
Carol, Val, Linda and Mike
Linda and Mike
Doris getttg some pancakes from Carol.
The Health Department inspector  pays a vist to Pat
Pat giving directions to the Healh Department inspector.
Tim and Jerry taking a break
Cindy, Pat and Jeannie
Suzanne and Wilma
Janet,and Elaine (Wayne in the background)
Jerie and Joe, her dad
Linda and Mike, in the money.
Kim and her daughter Casey and Kim's granddaughter
Suzanne and Sue
Judy and her husband, Ken
Jeannie, Janet, Pat and Suzanne taking a break.
A sample of Tim's artwork.
Guests enjoying their meal.
A few leftovers.
Jerry and Glen
Paul and Mike
Mike and Paul
Serving the Children of the World
TCHS Teachers Grant Program
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