Our Drive-Up (and Limited Eat-In) Fish Fry
September 11, 2020
Club president Dennis at the fish thaw.
Jerry thawing fish.
Thanks to IGA for storing our fish.
Thanks to Tim for making our signage.
New member Jeannie at the fish thaw.
Kim making her way through the crowd at the fish thaw.
Jack and Sharon wrapping knives and forks.
Jack wrappilng knives and forks
Debbie and Doris portioning tartar sauce.
Carol and Janet marking off the floor.
Toppy and Candy open the coleslaw.
Candy and Caorl prep the coleslaw.
Our cashier, Mike, all ready to go.
Linda and Jean making cornbread.
The "Fry Crew", led by Wayne, getting ready.
Jean making cornbread as Carol watches from the background.
Janet giving last minute instruction to Jeff, Carol, Carol and Debbie.
The first batch arrives in at the serving line.
Maribeth, Kate and Tim working "quality control".
Plenty of desserts were also on hand.
Plenty of desserts were also on hand.
Ginger taking Carol's temperature.  All volunteers were all tested prior to opening.
A roll of pennies were used to keep track of the number of people in the building.
Carol tests our first dine-in customer.
Pat on the serving line.
Carol takes our first drive-thru order.
Dan (husband of new member Jeannie) helping deliver dinners.
Mike and his fashionable purple gloves.
Diners were spaced out and talbe size limited.
Our drive-through option proved to be VERY popular.
Our drive-through option proved to be VERY popular.
Janet and Carol taking orders.
Mike greeting former member Jerry Hall.
Mike collects from Jerry.
The "Fry Team" working like a well oiled machine, led by Wayne.
Janet taking a drive-through order.
Carol and April taking orders.
Ginger and Jean on the serving line.
A happy Mike counting money that will be used for service in our community.
Serving the Children of the World
TCHS Teachers Grant Program
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