Some of our Members Fundraising on Kiwanis Kids Day
(Formerly Kiwanis Peanut Day)
Tim Hoel at 6am
Dennis Opperman
Tim Hoel
Jeannie Craddock and Judy Landeck
Janet Butler
Carol Burwash
Pete Buckley
Kim Higgins
Cathy Buckley
Cathy Buckley
Wayne Ward
Suzanne Moody
Carol Martin
Alora Murphy
Mike Damler
Mike and Linda Damler
Carol Martin
Jeff Martin
Ian Rominger
Suzanne Rominger
Debbie Graber
Debbie Graber
Carol Beals
Wayne Ward
Dan and Jeannie Craddock
Club President, Tammy Baer


Serving the Children of the World
TCHS Teachers Grant Program
Member' s Area