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Annual Peanut Sales Fundraiser

In addition to the Kiwanis International Peanut Days event , we also hold other fundraising events.

Annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Each year Tuscola Kiwanians don chefs’ hats, fry up a mess of sausage, and their heat up the griddle for the annual pancake and sausage breakfast. It is one of the club’s regular fundraisers, and the monies donated go to various community projects sponsored by the club.

Kiwanians arise at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to cook and serve some 300 pancakes and 40 pounds of sausage (and all the trimmings) to about 150 hungry folks. In addition to his role as Kiwanis Poet Laureate, Dave Dobson is the club’s resident Sausage Meister. Mike Damler, Mixer Extraordinaire, wields an expert mixing spoon in the preparation of the pancake batter, and Ed Wachala, Grill Chief, knows just how long to cook the cakes to golden perfection (once the finicky griddle is lit).

Setting up for the breakfast, cooking, serving the crowds, and cleaning up afterward require teamwork, expertise, and stamina. Something Tuscola Kiwanians have in spades. It is also lots of fun and a good opportunity for club and community fellowship.

Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser

One of the Kiwanis events that the community looks forward to is the annual All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry.  Each year Tuscola Kiwanians thaw and fry up about 200 pounds of fish.  The meal also includes cole slaw, baked beans, bread/butter, beverage and choice of home-made desserts.  It is one of the club’s regular fundraisers, and the monies donated go to various community projects sponsored by the club.

Kiwanians start a couple of days before the fish fry by thawing and preparing the fish.  Mid-afternoon on a Friday the members dredge, fry and serve some 200 pounds of fish with all the fixings.  The home-made desserts pour in from members to finish off this great meal.

Though this fundraiser requires a lot of planning, preparation, cooking, serving the people and cleaning up the facility, it is a very fun and satisfying event for the club.  All the hard work pays off!  The members really enjoy the interaction and fun with each other, and members of the community.


Our newest fundraising program was inspired by a program presented by Janet Boyer.  Her guest speakers Rose Mattix, Nora Lingerfelter and Pat Kunz from Decatur taught club members how to make necklaces from various types of yarn.  The project raised much more than ever expected thanks to the hard work of several club members!